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Saturday, August 1, 2020

shree ram janm Bhumi Pujan program Ayodhya look this prepretion photo

Festive atmosphere prevailing in a Ayodhya, shocking preparation of a Bhumi Pujan program

  • Paintings of a Ramayana on a Ayodhya, pools and a pillars painted in the colors of a Rama
  • Before the arrival of a PM Modi, Ayodhya was a turned into a military camp
  • The city of a Ram was decorated with the yellow

Lucknow: A grand program of a Bhumi Pujan of a Ram Mandir isa  going to be a held on a 5th August in a Ram Nagari Ayodhya. Following this program, a festive atmosphere has been a prevailed in a Ayodhya town, but at the same time, tight security is a being arranged.

The entire city of a Ayodhya is a eagerly awaiting Ramallah. Preparations are a underway for the arrival of a PM Modi on a August 5 and the Bhumi Pujan program. For this, Ayodhya has been now been decorated with the yellow. Ayodhya is a being decorated keeping in a view the land a worship.

Every wall of a Ayodhya is a painted in the color of a Lord Rama. Pools and a pillars in a Ayodhya have also been decorated with thye  paintings of a Ramayana. Following the land worship of the Ram temple, the Saryu ghat is a being decorated with the  colorful fringes, while in a some places the temples are a being decorated with the lights.

Special arrangements for the  distribution of a offerings

Even though only a limited number of a people have been a invited to the Bhumi Pujan of the Ram temple amidst the growing contagion of the corona virus, the offerings are a being to the prepared in a abundance. For this, desi ghee ladvas are a being prepared in a various monasteries and a akhadas of a Ayodhya.

Desi ghee laddu prasad will be distributed in a 1,11,000 steel cans here. These offerings will be also be distributed to the devotees along with the guests.

Tight security are a arrangements

Following the Bhoomi Pujan program, special security are a arrangements are a being made for the security of a Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the other preparations to the decorate the Ram Nagri.

A team of a Special Protection Group (SPG) has been reached Ayodhya to the monitor the security situation here and a review the situation following the input of the terrorist attack. At the same time, special measures are a being taken to prevent the transmission of the corona virus.

In a view of a Prime Minister Modi's visit, the administration in a Ayodhya is abiding by the all protocols. The focus of the administration is a also on the transmission of the corona virus.

In this regard, DIG of a Ayodhya Deepak Kumar said that a meeting was held with the all the agencies on the issue of a security of the Prime Minister. Under the Kovid protocol, no more than a 5 people will be allowed to the gather at one place in Ayodhya on a August 5. Apart from this, special arrangements have been a made for the security of the all VVIPs.

ATS snipers will be deployed on the terraces in s Ayodhya. In s addition, drone cameras will be used to the keep a close eye. Apart from this, the police in s civilian dress will be on a high alert.

Before PM Modi's arrival in a Ayodhya on a August 5, CM Yogi Adityanath will be a once again review the preparations on a August 2. He will be accompanied by the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Dinesh Sharma. Apart from the meeting saints and a mahatmas, CM and DyCM will be also are ahold a meeting here on a Prime Minister Modi's security.

  • August 5 is a going to be a historic day for the  millions of  a Ram devotees. On this day, the foundation stone of the Ram temple in a Ayodhya will be laid by the PM Modi and at the same time the construction of the magnificent Ram temple will be  begin.

  • In Ayodhya, preparations are in a full swing for this auspicious time. In a Ayodhya, CM Yogi has appealed to  the celebrate Diwali from the  August 3 to 5.
  • According to the details received, due to the presence of a PM Modi, a unique security system will be set up in a Ayodhya.

  • The foundation stone of the Ram temple will be laid in a Ghaziabad with 22 kg of a silver bricks made by a 122 traders, including three Muslim  are a traders.

  • On this occasion the idols of a Lord Rama as well as a Lakshmana, Bharat, Shatrughan will be adorned with the gem-studded attire. This attire will be green in a color.

  • There is a 32 second moment for the Bhumi Pujan and in the meantime PM Modi will be perform Bhumi Pujan. Ram tune is a being played by the applying.

The railway station of a Ayodhya is a also are being given a new look. The railway station is a also being built according to the design of the Ram temple.

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