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Thursday, October 8, 2020

children and adults should consider these things to keep their eyes healthy

Itchy eyes, watery eyes, headaches can be 'eye strain', children and adults should consider these things to keep their eyes healthy.

One out of every 40 people suffers from an eye problem. It is possible to treat 90% of eye diseases. People generally neglect eye care. That makes the problem worse. Today is World Sight Day. This year's theme is 'Hope in Sight'. The most important thing for her is eye care. On this occasion, Dr. Bansal Hospital's eye specialist and glaucoma expert. Vinita Ramanani explains how children, elders and the elderly can take care of their eyes.

For children::

 Blink the eyelids while using the gadget and wash the eyes 4 times a day

Children use mobile phones more. It has a direct effect on their eyes. These days kids are spending more time with mobiles because of online classes. So there are some things to keep in mind ...

Be careful if there is itching, fatigue, redness, watery eyes, blurred vision in the eyes. These are the features of the digital eye strain. This feature is manifested by overuse of the gadget.

The constant blue light from a digital gadget falls on the eyes, first causing dryness and then increasing the pressure on the muscles. In that case ask them to blink their eyelids when using the gadget.

The smaller the screen of the mobile, the more pressure there is on the eyes. The blue light coming from it has a bad effect as it is closest to the eyes.

Ask them to keep a distance between the gadget and the eyes to avoid dryness in the eyes. Also ask them to wash their eyes with plain water 4 to 5 times a day.

Most children play video games on mobiles or other gadgets by turning off the lights at night for fear of their parents. This is the most dangerous condition as the blue light of the gadget directly affects the eyes due to the darkness in the room. Parents should keep these things in mind.

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, feeling heavy due to waking up late in the morning and have a headache, be aware of the use of your child's phone. If this happens, consult an expert.

Prolonged exposure can lead to poor eyesight. Their risk of far-sightedness is high, it is called myopia. Glasses can come on if this happens constantly and the number can increase if there are already glasses.

  • According to recent research, if children continue to use gadgets this way, by 2050, 50% of children will wear glasses.
  • Avoid vitamin-A deficiency in children. This increases the risk of blindness and corneal blindness. Madhya Pradesh has about 26% of the cases.

For older people

Most young people nowadays suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. Prolonged use of computers and laptops is weakening the eyes. Take care of these things for eye health ...

Keep a distance of at least 26 inches between the screen of the laptop and the eye. Keep a distance of 14 inches if using a mobile. However it depends on the length of the arm.

Look at the eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds up to 20 feet. Work can then be resumed. Wash eyes 4 to 5 times a day.

  • Keep your eyes clean. Failure to do so can lead to conjunctivitis. It is also known as Pink Eye. Only touch the eyes after washing hands.
  • In case of conjunctivitis, water comes out from the eyes and itching occurs. First there is a transition in one eye and then the other eye is affected. So stay alert.
  • Include vitamin-A rich foods in your diet. It brightens the eyes and protects against diseases. Consult a doctor if you have eye or headache or problem recognizing colors.

For elders: Don't let blood sugar and BP rise, keep the body active

  • After 60 years the elderly or the family need to take care of them. Aging affects the eyes. Eyesight does not remain the same as before. So keep these things in mind ...
  • Follow your doctor's advice if you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Try to keep blood pressure and blood sugar level under control.
  • Consult a doctor if your eyesight is rapidly decreasing. Keep yourself physically active.

Elderly people with vision problems have 90% more depression than people with other illnesses, research shows. Older people with retinal-related diseases also have a higher risk of falling and getting injured. All these factors are increasing the difficulty of the elderly in the Corona period.

Remove all dangerous items in the house on the walkway. So the risk remains low at the time of the accident.

Proper lighting arrangements in your home. Keep windows and doors open during the day and keep the lights on at night. Keep some lights on at bedtime. So don’t let the elderly collide with any things at night.

Helps the youth of the family in household chores. If you are alone, enlist the help of neighbors to bring groceries and medicines....

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