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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Gujarati Shayari App – Get Gujarati Shayari, Gujarati Suvichar, Gujarati Videos & Jokes

Gujarati Shayari App – Get A Gujarati Shayari, Gujarati Suvichar, Gujarati Videos &  a Jokes

Gujarati Shayari App – if you are a interested to the put a different and unique status day to day, then hear one application for you all ! the app will be a proved very helpful to you all if you want to the make the your status are a different and unique from other we suggest you to the download thses wonderful application!
this application gives you the different status, birthday wishes, wedding wishes, positive and a motivational quotes, petriotic thoughts and a musical status, morning, afternoon and a evening wishes etc.. if you want to the brings smile on a someone’s face by wishing them good morning.

This application gives you non- identical ideas! say someone to the “good morning” in a simple way or a simple message but In place of that we wish someone ” good morning” by some musical or a poetic lines that is the great way to the express the your feelings!

if we want to the bring smile on someone’s face and we do not have any idea how to the put status or which is the best shayri to a tag them : don’t worry about that! this application will be help you to the express you feelings by words and a some poetical way. sometimes it happens that there is a sea of feelings in a our heart but we can not express by words! we just have to the download this app. app gives you the midium to the express your self, your feelings, your emotions in a just one a click! this app brings you the lattest and a decorative ideas, status, shayri and etc.. if we want to the wish someone birthday, we simply said “happy Birthday” in a few letters but it sounds like disinterested! in a place of that we wish them happy birthday by the various sentence, various and a unique musical lines, it makes the great wishes for the someone. same like this in any ocation or function, days we can be wish our a special person veryuniqually.

in a latest modern time social media become the most important part of the our life. and by the status and a posts you present your self front of the society, front of the world! your status and a posts create the your image in the society that’s why it is a very important to the put perfect and a unique status among the people around you! society judge the your personality by your status and a post. this application will be help you to make the your self very gentally front of the society.this application gives you the status which you ‍like and a subject of the your interest. application gives you the sports status, devotional status, bollywood status, Hollywood status, patriotic status and a etc..

App Special Features:

• We have a daily updates for the status. daily contents and a part of the subject in which you are a interested.
 Daily you will be get notifications of them special days, are a devotional days, or a any national day !
 This app is a very easy to the use. just you have been to the open this application and then select the subject of the  your interest.
 Choose the video or a image and touch the download option.

  Your status or a  image directly save to the your phone gallery.
 Also there is a lots of a option like share, like, dislike and a editing options.
 You can be share status or a image directly to the your social media accounts like a instagram, whattsapp, Facebook and etc..
 You can be copy to the lines, poems, quote, shayri , thought and etc.. you can be  share all the wishes to the your friends and a family members!

🌼 Catagory of a Status.
 Good morning a status
 Good afternoon a status
 Good evening a status
 Good night a status
Full moon night a status.

Festival Status
– Happy diwali status
– Happy dashera status
– Happy new year status
– Happy navratri status
– Happy Ramadan status
– Happy rakshabandhan status
– Happy independence day status
– Happy kite festival status
– Happy republic day status

🌼 God and Goddess Status
–  Mahadev status
–  Krishna status
–  Lakshmi status
–  Narayan status
–  Vishnu status
–  Radhakrishan status
–  Saraswati status

🌼 Other Categories of a Status
– Study related status
– Motivashional status
– Relationship status
– Current affairs status
– News status
– Government updates status
– Job vacancies status

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