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Sunday, November 21, 2021

How to do Voice Typing on Mobile and Computer?

How to do Voice Typing on Mobile and Computer?

You must have seen some people running their fingers rapidly on the touchpad on the mobile or the keyboard on the computer. But there are some people whose speed is not good on mobile or computer. In such a situation, he types slowly. If you are also like this, then Voice Typing will help you.

Audio typing is a machine learning based new technology. With its help, we can type on mobile or computer without putting our fingers on the touchpad or keyboard, just by speaking. That is, as you speak, that word will automatically be typed on the screen. With its help, you can do any latter type or search. Now Google Assistance also helps you in this. You must have seen a similar feature in Whatsapp too, you may have also used it.

What can you do with Voice Typing?
With the help of Google Assistance Tool, you can do Audio Typing. But if you have to type 500 or 1000 words. So another method will have to be adopted. First let us know what we can do with the help of Voice Typing on Google Assistance.

  • If someone wants to call, then you say “call mobeen”.
  • If you want to send a text message, then say ‘I am in office mehar’ with the help of audio typing.
  • You can also send a direct message to a family member or friends on Anniversery or Birthday by giving the command.

Not only this, with the help of Audio Tool, you can also ask the mobile to take selfie by saying “Take selfie” without turning on the camera. Apart from this, navigation, weather report, news report can also be searched with its help.

How to do Voice Typing in Mobile

The best Gboard application is for this. This is an app from Google. Which we can use as keyboard on our mobile. It also has the option of audio typing along with touch typing. We can do Voice Typing by following the tips given in it.

STEP-1 For this first download Gboard Application in mobile

STEP-2 If Auto is not selected, then go to Settings and select Gboard as the primary keyboard.

STEP-3 Now you are ready to type the message with the help of Audio Typing.

STEP-4 Now open the text editor.

STEP-5 You can start typing by clicking on the Voice Typing icon.

STEP-6 Keep in mind that voice recognition works a bit slow in this, so it may take time.

How to do Voice Typing on Computer

For this you can use Chrome Extension Application. Some steps have to be followed.

STEP-1 First you have to add voice in voice typing extension from Chrome web store to your chrome browser.

STEP-2 After this allow the microphone, so that the sound can be detected on the computer and we can type.

STEP-3 Now select the language in which you want to type.

STEP-4 Now you are ready for audio typing. Wherever Voice Typing is to be done, after editing it, click the right button of the mouse to enable start recording and start typing.

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