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Sunday, November 14, 2021

What is e-PAN card | How to Make E-PAN or Download e-PAN Card

What is a  e-PAN card | How to the Make E-PAN or a Download e-PAN Card

Through the instant e-PAN service, PAN number can be obtained by hand from the website of a Income Tax Department. This service of a Income Tax Department is a completely free. E-PAN can  be also be a applied from a NSDL’s website now, in a which only a valid Aadhar card holders will be given a e-PAN number.

Through the e-PAN Tatkal service, PAN number will be provided with the immediate effect to those who need a PAN number for the  other are a financial services. In this, e-PAN number will be issued for a one time password on the mobile number linked with the Aadhaar. Here are a two ways to the  get e-PAN:

1. Instant e-PAN, which will be available from the Income Tax website and a only those people who are a already have been  a  PAN No. Do not be

2. NSDL e-PAN, which will be available from the website of a NSDL and the existing a PAN number holder can be apply in it.

Note – Initially only are a applicants who did not a already have a PAN number could avail the e-PAN facility (from the Income Tax website) but now it has been a extended to the all existing a PAN card holders. Those whose PAN card is a lost, they can be also are a  download e-Pan in a PDF for a which the applicant only has been to the fill and a submit the online application form along with the online payment of the relevant processing fee and a e-PAN card will be sent to the PAN applicant on the email id. will be sent. Here is the detailed are a application process

Step.1 Visit the NSDL website (, in the application are a type select “Changes or a Correction in a PAN data/Reprint of a PAN Card” (if PAN number has been a already been issued to you given and want a new PAN card / e-PAN or a want to the  make corrections) and fill in the your details.

Step.2 Fill the rest of the information like a name and date of  a birth etc. The information marked with an a asterisk is to be compulsorily filled. It is a  mandatory to the mention the email id in  case of a  Application for a e-PAN card. A token number will be generated and it will be also be sent to the your email ID. Click on ‘Continue’ to continue with the your application.

Step.3 A new page will be appear on your screen. There will be three options are asking you how you want to the proceed with the your application. To the apply for e-PAN you have been to select the question “Is a physical a PAN required or a not”? (As a shown in the photo) (Please check a mark here)

Step.4 Enter the your details are like Aadhar Number, Guardian Name etc. Aadhaar number is a mandatory if you have been opted for a E-Sign and E-KYC as an option. Once you have been filled in a all the relevant data, click on a ‘Next’. A new page will be appear for you to fill the contact and the other details.

Step.5 After filling it you will be asked for the document that you will be submit as proof. If the document is a not there or you have been lost the your PAN, then you should select ‘No Documents’. You will be need to the provide a declaration. Then you have been to click on a submit.

Step.6 You will be asked to the recheck your application and you will be asked to the make the payment. You can be pay using your Debit or a Credit Card, Net Banking. Once you make the payment, you will have been to go through the Aadhaar authentication process. If your Aadhaar authentication process is a successful, a 15 digit Acknowledgment Number will be generated.

You will be receive e-PAN on a your email after the  your application is a processed.

Procedure of application for the e-PAN Number online

Step-1. For this, by opening the Income Tax Department’s website and a clicking on the ‘Instant e-PAN’ link under the ‘Quick Links’ section. Read the instructions given here a carefully and then click on a “Apply Instant e-PAN” button, then on the page that opens are a  read the guidelines related to the ‘e-KYC’ and click on “Next” button.

Step-2. Now the online form for a Aadhaar e-KYC will be appear in a front of you in a which the details of the applicant and a Aadhaar no. Fill and a upload the scanned photograph of the signature. After the final submission of a e-PAN application, a 15 digit Acknowledgment Number will be generated and will be sent to the registered are a Mobile Number / Email ID.

Important points for the Instant e-PAN Application:

  • Applicants who are a already have been PAN number cannot apply for the e-PAN on Income Tax website. This facility is a on trial basis.
  • Applicant should have been a valid and active mobile number which is a linked with the Aadhaar. Quantity Aadhaar OTP is a required for a verification in this process.
  • The benefit of the facility of a e-PAN is a only for the resident individuals, this facility is a not for the companies, trusts etc.

📲 Click here To Visit :- UTITSL

E-PAN Download :- Click Here


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