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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Mera Ration Android Application

Mera Ration Android a Application

Mera Ration Android Application : One Nation a One Ration Card plan ensures distribution of a subsidized food grains to the ration card are holders under NFSA to lift the entitled food a grains from the any Fair Price Shop (FPS) anywhere in the country by the using their same/existing NFSA ration card after a biometric/Aadhaar authentication on an electronic Point of Sale (ePoS) device. Under this scheme, beneficiaries will be  continue to get the Rice, Wheat and a Coarse Grain at the rate of a Rs. 3, Rs. 2 and a Rs. 1 per Kg respectively in a other are States as well.

Mera Ration Android a Application

Mera Ration Android Application : Union Ministry of a Consumer Affairs, Food and a Public Distribution on a march 12, 2021 launched “Mera Ration” Mobile App for those ration card holders are who migrate to the new places in a search of a  livelihood.

Currently, 32 States are and a Union Territories are a covered under One Nation One a Ration Card (ONORC) and the remaining four are States and a UTs are a expected to be a integrated into the scheme in the next few months.

Benefit of ‘Mera Ration’ a application:
  • Ration card holders will be  check for the themselves on this app how much food they will be  get.
  • Transparency in a ration distribution will be come in a ‘Mera Ration Android a Application’
  • This application will be especially useful for the tourists, as under the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme, ration a card holders will be able to get the food grains from anywhere in their a country and from the any ration shop.
  • This app will be  make it easier for the beneficiaries to know the how many ration shops are a around them and which shops are a near them.
  • Beneficiaries can be also are give their suggestions through this application.

This is how to a login to  the ‘My Ration’ app:

To use the ‘My Ration’ application, to you need to a download this application. Then follow the login process. Beneficiary will be  need Aadhaar or a Ration Card number for a login. By entering this number, you will be able to the login and take advantage of the features are  available on this application.

Launching the app, Bagh Food a Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said, “Beneficiaries will be know what they want to get.” Its price does not need to ask the a shopkeeper.

Mera Ration Android Application
  • The beneficiaries will be able to the use the ‘Mera Ration’ app to  the identify the nearest fair price shop and a check details of their entitlement and a recent transactions Mera Ration

Android Application : Click Here

Key Features
  • The migrant beneficiaries will be able to the  register their migration details are a through the mobile app.
  • The beneficiaries can be register themselves before a starting their journey and the system will be automatically allocate the entitled food a grains.
  • The NFSA beneficiaries will be able to a use the app to identify the nearest FPS and a check details of their food grains are a entitlement and the previous six-month transactions and a status of a Aadhaar seeding.
  • Through the app, the beneficiary will be  know what he is a entitled to and he need a not ask FPS dealer how much he would get.
  • The beneficiaries can be login into the app using their Aadhaar or a ration the card number

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