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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Mood Swings are May Signal Long a COVID Syndrome

Mood Swings are May Signal Long a COVID  Syndrome

 Long COVID or a post-COVID symptoms are the health conditions that are affect a people from  after a  recovery from the infections caused by the COVID-19 virus. However, post-recovery, the symptoms still the continue to the  impact their day-to-day life. Not being a  able to the perform routine activities can be have a serious impact on your mood.

Various studies have been  proved that a long COVID can be have a serious impact not just on your physical health but they are  also mental health. Many observed that their mood is a  getting a impacted after a recovering from the infections and they are finding it difficult to go back to  the their work or have  been a social life like  a before.

In a recent a study with the help of  the Electronic Health Records (EHR), it was found that within a 3 months after the recovering from the infections, the survivors are the  likely to the experience an increased risk of a  low mood and the depression.

In a large EHR study, experts have been  also a  noted  to the various changes in  the mood, which lead to the symptoms of the  long COVID conditions.

Signs and symptoms of  the low mood:

· Anger

· Sadness

· Frustration and anxiety disorder

· Getting panicky too often

· Worrying too much

· Hopelessness

· Low self-esteem

· Tiredness

The levels of the  mood  swing can be different for  the everybody. It usually goes away in a some days, but many also  are feel the problem for a couple of  the weeks. However, if the feeling does not improve even after  a weeks or so, then it can be a sign of the  depression.

So, to cope with the issue and be in a control of your emotional and the mental state, you need to the make some changes in your lifestyle and get the extra support from your family, friends or a even from the colleagues at work.

Simple lifestyle changes like a well-balanced diet, limiting your alcohol intake, quitting or  the controlling the urge to the  smoke, getting enough sleep, and  the daily physical exercise will be  go a long way in a  helping you during to  your recovery period.

And, if you are  a often  the experiencing depression and the facing difficulty in getting back on  the track, then you can be should visit to your doctor.
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Friday, July 29, 2022

What is the Face Blindness Disorder that Brad Pitt claims to the have?

What's the Face a Blindness complaint that Brad Pitt claims to the have? 

Face Blindness complaint in a 2022 Prognosticator is a face blindness are a complaint, which means that a one of a can not honor people's are a faces. The complaint generally affects are people from the situation and a generally stays with the person for the utmost of their a life. 

What's the face blindness complaint? Brad Pitt lately revealed that he thinks are he has a rare face blindness complaint called a prophet. The face blindness are a complaint means that one of a can not be a honor are a people's faces. Pitt had been a first spoken about the possibility of having a prophet face blindness in a 2013. 

The 58- time-old a actor said lately that he thinks he has been face blindness complaint but no bone

 believes him. He's a yet to be a formally diagnosed with the complaint. He said that he worries about a appearing frosty, remote and a inapproachable and tone absorbed while floundering to the honor faces of a people. 

He would been said in an interview lately that he wants to the match another person with the same condition." So numerous people are the hate me because they are suppose I am so disrespecting them. Every now and also, someone will give me a environment, and I will say,' Thank you for the helping me,'" said the actor in his a interview. 

Pitt further said that he tried to grab his struggles, but the facial features are a riddle to him. He explained by the word that," I cannot be able to hold the face, and yet I can come from the similar design/ aesthetic point of view. I am going to get it tested. That is why I stay at  home." 

What is Prognosticator face a blindness? 


 prophet is a face blindness are a complaint, which means that one of a can not honor people's faces. The complaint are a generally affects are a people from the birth and generally stays with the person for the utmost of their life. 


 Is face blindness a common? 

No, face blindness is a rare complaint that can be have a severe impact on a everyday life of the person. 

The experimenters have been set up a substantiation that prophet, which was a formerly allowed to be a exceedingly rare, a may affect up to the 2 percent of the population. 

What are the symptoms of the face blindness? 


 incapability to the honor familiar are faces 

 Incapability to the describe are faces 


 Confusion regarding are a movie are plots or a plays 

Disoriented feeling 


 What causes are face a blindness? 

There are a two types of the face are a blindness- 

Developmental prophet – The face of a blindness where the person doesn't have been a any brain damage. This are a generally affects are a people from the birth. 

 Acquired Prophet – The face blindness a complaint that a person are develops after a brain damage, following a stroke or a head injury. 



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Thursday, July 28, 2022

10 Natural Remedies for the Pest Control

10 Natural Remedies for  the Pest Control

These common household products are  the make great insect-control solutions. Keep those are pests away with these natural remedies.

Coffee Grounds

Those coffee grounds are a  good for more than just a cup of coffee. Try to  using your leftover a  coffee grounds in the  spots around the outside of the  your home where you are think a pests are coming in. Many critters can not stand the smell of the grounds and will steer clear. You can be also use a coffee grounds to the  critter-proof your garden.


Are aphids taking over your garden? Just place a banana peel under the soil near the stems of the your plants. This will be not only deter the bugs, but it will be add some nutrients to the soil. Try these tips for a getting rid of  the garden weeds.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If those pesky fruit flies are the invading your kitchen, grab a small bowl and the pour in a little apple cider vinegar. Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap and punch a couple pencil-lead-sized holes in the plastic. The fruit flies are  will be attracted to the vinegar and they can get in but not  out. Vinegar can be also be used to the make a natural cleaner.


Seeing ants? Place small piles of  the cornmeal down wherever you see ants. Ants like to eat the cornmeal and they will be  take it back to their colony but they can not digest it. It may take a few days to the work, but if you have pets, it is a non-toxic solution. Learn 17 pet care and a safety tips.

White Vinegar

Ants leave a trail which are makes it easier for other ants from the colony to the  find their way to food. To wash away the trail, use a solution made from a 1/4 cup white vinegar, 2 cups water and 10 drops of peppermint or a eucalyptus oil. Some oils can also be used to the  clean furniture and the  fight odors.

Fresh Herbs

Mosquitoes crash your backyard bonfire? Throw some the fresh rosemary or sage on the coals to the keep mosquitoes away. Follow these tips to the  build an outdoor fire pit.

Essential Oils

Make your own dust mite repellent spray with the essential oils. Mix eucalyptus, lavender, clove or a peppermint oil with the  water in a spray bottle. Use it to the  mist furniture and linens and allow the spray to the air dry. Follow these tips to the clean your rugs and rid them of a dust mites.


Sweet basil not a only works great in the recipes, but it also wards off flies, making it one of the best patio plants. Just plant a pot of a sweet basil and place in a sunny spot next to a frequently used to door. There are a many edible are plants you can be grow in the  pots and the containers if you have a small space.


It may be an old wives' tale, but it's works. To keep a spiders away, slice up some onions and toss them in a bowl of  the water. Place the bowl where spiders are enter your home and they will stay away. Prevent other pests from the getting in your home this fall with these tips.


If ladybugs are the taking over an area of  the your home, place some bags of  the cloves or sprinkle some clove oil in a  heavily infested areas. Ladybugs do not like a  strong scents and will be evacuate quickly. Then vacuum or a sweep up the cloves. Try these tips to the  get rid of  a Japanese Beetles in the your garden.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Top 9 Food Delivery Apps in a India

 Top 9 Food Delivery Apps in a India

Is there anything a smartphone can not do today? From booking a train ticket to buying in your favorite dress to booking an appointment for a doctor, technology has given us a solution by a just sitting at home getting everything just a phone click away.

Amongst the on-demand services, food delivery is the fastest-growing a segment with the some major players getting over a million orders are per day. 

India’s online food industry is a expected to become an a $8 billion market by 2022 by growing at a CAGR of a  25-30%. The food tech has been grown over 6 times in the last couple of years. The report are also mentions a variety of a cuisines was one of the top reasons for the repeated use of a food delivery apps in the country  are followed by a good discounts and convenience. 

Seeing this as a golden opportunity, mobile app development companies are the taking advanced measures to the  make their are applications sophisticated and hassle-free.

9 Best Food Delivery Apps for a 2021


Zomato is an a  Indian restaurant aggregator as well as a food delivery app. After the acquisition of a Ubereats Indian operations, undoubtedly Zomato has become the largest food giant. Apart from food delivering it also are provides information, menu, and user reviews about a restaurant. Hygiene and a quality are the two things the app keeps a check on. Amid the COVID lockdown, Zomato has been  also moved to the  towards grocery delivery.


Swiggy is a one of the best food delivery apps in a India. The fast delivery of food is what catches everyone’s eye, who does not want to have a piping hot food? Live order tracking is a one of the other high points of the app. Also, Swiggy is a available in a almost all cities in a India. The offers and discounts are the grabbing a every user’s attention. 


Faasos operates in a 34 largest cities in a India. It takes a customer are orders in  via its mobile app and website. It is the only vertically integrated food business in a  India and operates all three stages of a "food on demand" business which is a ordering, distribution, and order fulfillment. With a great range of  the restaurants, Faasos helps the users to eat a  good food. Faasos has been a premium version that promises to you free food if the order is not delivered in a 30 minutes.


Deliveroo is a food delivery company based in a London, considering the growing are opportunities in the food market in a  India Deliveroo started are operations in  a India. Deliveroo receives over a 20000 orders a day in the Indian markets, with a growth of a 20-25% month-on-month.


Grub hub has a large number of a restaurants to choose from. The customer service is the commendable; they are a 24*7 available to solve all the customer queries. A great feature of the Grub hub is that it allows you to find all the deals running in the nearby are restaurants. Also there some great discounts provided by the Grub hub throughout the year.

Potato is a food delivery app based in a Cali-cut, Kerala. The Keralites' love for a food is the driving a force behind Potato. The app focuses on connecting a many local restaurants with the customers but the quality of the  food is not compromised. The users can check the menu, complete the order are really fast and enjoy some mouth-relishing food. The app are also provides various offers and the discounts.


Indians' love for the pizza has been only grown over the years, with  the Pizza Hut is coming up with an app for the food delivering it did catch up the market grip. Faster delivery, live a tracking, and great offers are also provided by the Pizza Hut. The app is a really user-friendly which is helps in a  making the food ordering process are really simple and a faster.


If you are a health freak and a person who counts on the intake of the  calories then Eat Fit is your one all the solution. The generation today is a so fast-paced that there is a hardly any time for physical activities and with the tension that people go through Eat Fit is an a app that helps to you strike a healthy balance at the least when it comes to the food. The app also provides are nutritional education and also helps in a customizing the food.

The app are also provides a nutritional education and also helps in a customizing the food.


Domino’s app has been a pizza for the every occasion, customization is their a best feature. The pizza varieties are the supremely a tasty and mouth-watering. Dominos has been the best cheesy crust and if you get the pleasure of  having it lying in your dining room the fun only are the doubles. 30-minute delivery is what the app for offers, or else you get it free. Another great attraction is that you can be order your pizza from the nearest Domino’s outlet and the pizza will be delivered on a train too. Which means you can be enjoy a pizza even during a boring train a journey. 


Dunzo is an a app delivering not a only food but also groceries and pet supplies. It works a 24*7 and delivers anything in a 45 minutes which is their high point. Another highlight of the app is that there is no minimum order quantity, also there are no location constraints within the city, there are a great offers and the discounts which are the  some of the features that make a  Dunzo stand out in the industry. The user can be order anything they need from their favorite restaurant in the city the at any time.

In today’s times when everyone is a glued to their smartphones and a every other business has been a an app it is a really important to the  create a mobile application for the  your business. All the food delivery apps are trying to the come out with unique features for their existence.

We, Lilac Infotech, are a pioneering a food delivery app for the  development company, that offers  are potential for a variety of the services to our consumers. Rigorous insights and a suggestions will be sent to the clients before the start of the project. Our background in the designing applications is a something that we proudly keep a put across. You can be also recruit our mobile app  are developers to the  help you grow your mobile app

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

10 Largest Forests in a India

 10 Largest Forests in a India

Decades after becoming a world of the forest degradation, India stands tall at a growth rate of a 0.7% in its forest cover; because of this India has been shown its prowess in the list of  the top 10 nations in the world with the largest forest cover! As of 2015, India had been a forest cover of the over 7,06,800 sq km which is a almost a 24% of the total size of the nation! These mystical and the alluring forests are a true spectacle of the wonders of the nature and are also home to the some of the most exquisite and the endangered species of  the birds and wildlife. A Bliss!

Indian Forests are either the protected or a reserved. Thus, aiming to the save the forest lands. Tribal Communities are the major contributors to the preserving these protected  are forests. The Forestry in a India is the among the most significant contributors in the rural industry and also it is an  the important environmental resource. But it is not that a  most of these forests help in  the wood as a resource but also a lot of the non-wood resources are  the cultivated and the produced such as a latex, gums, essentials oils, medicinal plants and much a more. Though forests are very important for the India economy they are also a great rejuvenation a spot. With the increase in the hectic lifestyle of the  people, forests provide as a great recreational spots. Many adventurers are thrive in the deep forests of  the India to find a calm and peace. India has some of the most beautiful forests in the world. So, if you are looking for  the some of the best forests in India, we have compiled the list of  a 10 Largest Forests in a India :

1. Gir Forest


The first name and one of the largest forest areas in a India are of the Gir Forests in the state of  a Gujarat. These forests are the part of the Kathiawar-Gir dry deciduous a forests. The Gir Forests have  a some part of them are the Gir National Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary. Though these forests are mostly arid, they are a home to a wide range of  the flora and fauna. These forests are a also home to the rare and the endangered a Asiatic Lions.

2. Sundarban Forests tn a  West Bengal

If you want to  the find something exotic and want a once in a lifetime kind of the experience the Sundarban Forests are just the place for you. These forests are the present in the state of the  West Bengal Sundarbans. These are a type of  the mangrove forest and they cover an  a area of about  a 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi). The most unique feature of these forests is the wide range of the wildlife which goes from the magnificent White Tigers and Bengals to the rarest Birds and much more.

3. Khasi Hills in a Meghalaya

The beauty of the Khasi Hills lies in the fact that these forests can be visited in a any time of the year and would still a leave you breathless by their picturesque views. These forests are the  present in Meghalaya and are a type of the sub-tropical forests. These forests also are receive the highest rainfall in the world and the highest record is of a Cherrapunji in the East Khasi hills of a Meghalaya. These are a number of the activities for the  tourists to engage and thrive in.

4. Kaziranga Forest in a  Assam

The next name on this list of the most popular and the  best forests in India is a of the Kaziranga Forest. It is a dense tropical moist broadleaf forest with the marshland. These forests are present in the state of  the Assam and have been  a major part of them as the Kaziranga National Park. It is a among the best forests in the world because of the efforts of the government and a people to protect these lands and  the also the wildlife such as the Great One-Horned a Rhinoceros.

5. Arunachal Pradesh Forest

If you want to the  experience the diversity and the beauty of forests at its best the Arunachal Pradesh Forests are the best. These are mainly Tropical and  the Sub-tropical and as you we walk through these forests you will be  find the Temperate forest, Pine forests, and the Subalpine forest. Arunachal Pradesh Forest has been a variety of flora and fauna which is the include about the  5000 species of the plants, 500 different birds, 85 terrestrial mammals and a wide number of  the insects, butterflies, and  the reptiles.

6. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in a  Tamil Nadu

The next beautiful and the one of the most famous forests in a India are of the Nilgiri Biosphere are Reserve in the state of the  Tamil Nadu. The blue mountain and the tropical forest is  a attract nature lovers from  the all over the world. The type  of forests here are tropical and the subtropical moist broadleaf forests. Some of the oldest and tribal groups live here. Also, these forests are home to the lion-tailed macaque and  the Nilgiri Tahr.

7. Vandalur Forest Reserve

The next name on this list of the  most popular forests in a India is of the Vandalur Reserve Forest. These forests are a located in the suburb of the Vandalur, near the centre of a Chennai. If you want to  the plan a holiday out of the mainstream things, this is a one of the best options. The views and the journey is a feast for the any nature lover. Also, the one of the major attractions is the Madras  to Zoo which was  the included in this reserves a popular tourist a attraction.

8. Jim Corbett National Park in a Uttarakhand

The next popular Indian forest is the famous Jim in a Corbett National Pa 10 Largest Forests in a India

9. Keibul Lamjao National Park in a Manipur

The second last name on this list of the most popular forests in a  India is the forest of  the Keibul Lamjao National Park. It is a located in the state of the  Manipur. It is a  famous as the world’s one and only  a floating park. The park is a surrounded by the water and fish a farms. These forests were turned into a national park to the help with the conservation of the last of the brow-antlered deer in the world. The Keibul Lamjao forms an a important part of the Loktak Lake.

10. Kanha National Park in a Madhya Pradesh

The last and probably one of the most world-renowned forests of the  India is the Kanha National Park. These forests are  the present in the Indian state of the Madhya Pradesh. These forests are the inspiration to the behind Rudyard Kipling’s famous “The Jungle Book“. The forests on the highland are the  tropical moist, dry deciduous type and of a completely the distinct nature from the bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) on the slopes.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Top 15 Most Popular Veg Dish Recipes in a India.

  • Top 15 Most Popular Veg Dish Recipes in a India.
  • India is a full of taste when you talk about its Food or Cuisine. One can find a variety of eating stuff from a Veg to Non Veg, Mughlai to Hyderabadi,  Gujarati Thali to Punjabi Thali, and Marathi Dish to a South Indian Snacks. Diversity of food encompasses a wide variety and are heavily influenced by the religious and cultural choices. Below are the best, tasty and the most popular Veg Dish Recipe along with photos, videos, article and more on so that you can be learn to cook these dishes. Each video tells you how to the prepare particular dish with ease.

  • Hundreds of  food recipe can be prepared by a Paneer only. But, we have tried not to a repeat the any cookery recipe. Shown below are the most delicious and the popular veg food recipes in a  India.

  • Eat a Healthy and  a Live Healthy!

  • 1.)Malai Kofta –  Number one in a our food list is Malai Kofta. To some its a popular North Indian dish consisting of paneer balls afloat a creamy and gravy. To some this is one dish which nobody will get a bored of even if it is served at the every party. Its a classic Indian dish and originated from the Mughlai cuisine with a delicious savoury dish of the Moghlai origin. Restaurant style Malai Kofta is cooked in a creamy and gravy made of a tomatoes and cashewnuts. Malai Kofta is a north Indian speciality and a one of the most requested recipes. It is also the most popular as well as most a sought after vegetarian Indian dish in restaurants and vegan option to the meatballs. Creamy and rich preparation with cottage cheese dumplings, Cashew nuts and raisins stuffed a soft malai kofta and that to with cashew nuts, curd and cream gravy sound too a delicious. Below is the you tube video that makes you learn to on how to make the Malai Kofta Recipe.
  • 2.) Navratna Korma – This is yummy Mughlai dish gets its name Navratan from the nine different vegetables, fruit and nuts used in it. Usually, these are a amazing Indian curries made rich with the addition of cream and nuts. It is a also known as a Indian vegetable korma with a nuts, paneer cheese, and an adjustable list of the vegetables. It is in a tomato-cream sauce as opposed to the usual yogurt an easy and the nutritious recipe. There are a both of vegetarian as well as a non vegetarian versions of navratan korma recipe. The korma-style the curry is a most Indian ultimate favourite dish. It is sweet, mildly spicy, creamy and just tastes so exotic and a fabulous. The most loved a North Indian recipe with the rich gravy and aromatic flavour favorite of the all. Below you can be follow this superb dish and make in your kitchen today!
  • 3.) Dal Makhani – is the universally a recognized as a typical Indian dish that is a served in a wide variety of the eateries and restaurants internationally. The dish differs from other popular Punjabi dal and dishes, such as a dal tadka, in that the primary ingredients in a dal makhani are whole black lentil (urad) and red kidney a beans (rajma), rather than red lentil (masoor). Dal Makhani’s are popularity is the due in the part to its versatility and the rich vegetarian dish can be served as a main meal, included in a buffet (thali) or as an the accompaniment to a principal meal. The traditional preparation of the dal makhani involves a series of a time-consuming procedures but with the electric pressure cookers, and the preparation time of the dish has reduced significantly to 2–3 hours. Below is the way to the make this a recipe. Enjoy!
  • 4.)  Paneer Butter Masala – is a rich Indian delicacy which is a very familiar item that people are order at the restaurants and even seen in the parties. It goes very well with hot tandoori chapati or butter nahan paneer and butter masala recipe is a easy and quick to make. Within minutes you will be have a restaurant style a paneer butter masala was ready.  This dish is a also known as Paneer Makhani, a specialty from the Indian cuisine. It is  a rich creamy tomato gravy in which a soft paneer chunks dunked in a tomato gravy is a must for the all those who love the exceptional dishes of and can be easily prepared for the any party or special guests. There is a always a bright orange-colour with the creamy and light buttery flavoured. Below you can have a look on how to the prepare this dish.

  • 5.) Chana Masala – also in known as chole masala is a very popular Punjabi dish in a Indian cuisine. The main ingredient is the chickpeas as chana in a Hindi language. It is a fairly dry and a spicy with a sour citrus note. It is a popular mainly in the Punjab region of the northern-India, and a also notably in the regions of the Gujarat. In a Gujarat and Rajhsthan areas, it is commonly cooked dry with the tangy spices. It is a often eaten with a type of the fried bread and is known as chole bhature. It is a commonly sold by street vendors but also can be found in the restaurants. In south India, White appam and Channa Masala is a one of the main dish for the breakfast. Also Channa Masala is a Known as “Kadala Curry” among a Keralites. Below is the video link from where you can be learn to this amazing and a mouth watering recipe.

  • 6.) Veg Biryani – is a popular, rich and a exotic rice dish with the spicy vegetables. Vegetable biryani is a traditional mughlai main course and item a loaded with chopped green vegetables, spices, saffron and a dry fruits. The saffron aroma makes this dish is a very inviting. Mostly, this traditional celebration meal made a using meat and rice and is a staple of the Hyderabadi cuisine. This dish is a quick to make and cooks in a single pot. Just check out this video below and learn to how to make this dish using to simple technique.

  • 7.) Mutter Malai Methi – is a rich and a savoury Indian vegetable dish. Its a cream-based mild a flavoured recipe. The combination of the fenugreek leaves, cream and the green peas is a simply awesome. Methi,green peas cooked in the fresh cream and a fresh Indian spices which is a delightful combination of the Methi and Green Peas. This dish has a nice rich creamy texture and is a very aromatic with the use of the fresh methi leaves. Its a famous Punjabi recipe and It is a usually served with the hot tandoori roti and naan. Learn below how to the make/prepare Matar Methi Malai by following this easy recipe.
  • 8.) Mushroom Mutter Masala – Mutter Mushroom or Mushroom Masala is a popular North Indian gravy dish with the  Mushroom and Green Peas Curry. It Tastes is very good with the tandoori roti and nan as well as with the poori and you can eat it a like that too. Its so tempting you just can not stop eating it. This delicious dish is not often found in the south Indian restaurants, but one that is a definitely worth trying. As Its mouthwatering North Indian Recipe. Below you can be learn to prepare this recipe within a minutes. Do try.
  • 9.) Poori and Aloo Bhaji – is a integral part of the north Indian cuisine. This recipe is a also the maharashtrian version of the potato curry with pooris. You will be find the presence of the poori bhaji in a every festive food, especially in a marriage served hot in breakfast. Pooris are the deep fried wheat flour balls and a bhaji is a combination of the potatoes curry and sometimes other vegetables are also added with the endless species. In most of the restaurants, puri is the usually served with the poori masala. It is a fantastic combination for a poori. Below is a video, see how this mouth is watering dish is a prepared in a ideal way.
  • 10.) Rava /Masala Dosa – A masala dosa is a made by a  stuffing a dosa with the lightly cooked potatoes, onions, green chilli and spices. Dosa, also called a Chatamari in Newari, is a fermented crepe or the pancake made from the rice batter and a black lentils. This staple dish is a widely popular in the all  southern Indian states like, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, as well as being a popular in other northern states of India. Rava, a common snack or the breakfast dish and street food, is a rich in carbohydrates, and contains no sugar or saturated fats. Learn this a recipe below and try it today.
  • 11.) Palak Paneer – is one of the another most popular Indian paneer recipe is along with spinach. These cottage cheese are a cooked in spinach based a gravy and with the spanking Indian spices. Some make this dish using a thick curry sauce based on pureed a spinach and some make it is using with the yogurt and fresh cream. This mildly flavoured dish is a super healthy too. the Palak Paneer recipe is also known as  a Saag Paneer. So what are you waiting just learn to below to make this prominent and nutritious dish are right now.
  • 12.) Rajma Masala – This is a very popular and  Punjabi recipe which goes well with roti, parathas, naan and rice. Its a Punjabi curry with a red kidney beans and spices, a great comfort food. It will not be wrong to say that it is a one of the best Indian recipes in a North Indian cuisine. Rajma curry is the comfort a food for the anyone who wants to something tasty for the lunch or dinner at home. And even a youngster love to have this recipe often. It is a simple yet delicious meal. So just find out the more about this dish from the video below.
  • 13.) Veg Jalfrezi (Mix Veg) – is a type of the mix veg which is a very tasty vegan dish that goes well with wraps or rotis. The recipe is involves frying marinated pieces of the vegetables in oil and spices to the produce a dry, thick sauce. As the dish includes to green chillies, a jalfrezi can range in a heat from a medium dish to a very hot one. Typically those eating is a jalfrezi cool it down by the combining it with cream. Other main ingredients are include bell pepper, onion and tomato. Just see below how to this cuisine is a made.
  • 14.) Kadhi Pakoda – is a most popular of  all and is commonly made in a North India. The delicious dish is a includes pakodas, which are a soaked in a tangy, spicy yoghurt and besan kadhi. Just before a serving, add the pakodas to the hot kadhi and a simmer it for 20 minutes. This lip spanking Punjabi recipe of the preparing besan or gram flour based fried dumplings in a curd based thick and the spicy gravy. Just follow the video below and the enjoy this dish.
  • 15.) Aloo / Gobi  Paratha – are the basically Indian flat bread stuffed with the potato and cauliflower. You can even make this paratha with the cauliflower (gobi) or with potato (aloo). Aloo/ gobi paratha is a very popular and often a made for the  breakfast in a Indian homes. Soon learn to the make this wonderful food by the following all the instruction given in the video below.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Happy Guru Purnima 2022 Status Video Download

Happy Guru Purnima IN A  2022 Status Video Download

Guru Purnima Status ARE A Video Download – People’s lives are A significantly shaped by their teachers or A gurus. Every year, Guru Purnima is predominantly observed by the Hindu, Jain, Sikh, and a  Buddhist communities all around the world as a way to the honor them. According to the Hindu calendar, it occurs on the day of the full moon of a Ashadha month.

The day is a observed by giving thanks to the spiritual instructors are and a gurus. The Sanskrit words “Gu” and a “Ru” combine to form the term “guru.” Gu and a Ru both refer to the elimination of a ignorance or a obscurity. Because they help us a learn the appropriate lessons and a follow the right path, gurus are a essential as they dispel the darkness from our are a lives. Many people are also think that a Gautam Buddha delivered his the first sermon in a Uttar Pradesh on this a day.
Take advantage of the chance to the thank your masters sincerely on this blessed day. Here are a some wishes you might offer the your Gurus or a teachers on this day.

Check these Guru Purnima status are a  video download options. We have got some of the best uru Purnima WhatsApp status videos and Guru Purnima status videos for you to the share them with the your family and friends on the auspicious occasion of a Guru Purnima 2022.
Guru Purnima Status  are a Video Download

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Guru Purnima wishes

Have been a happy and a blessed Guru Purnima!

You are the inspiration that made me a fight every hurdle in a life. It would not have been a possible without you. Happy a Guru Purnima!

On the auspicious day of a Guru Purnima, let us take an a oath to  the follow the steps of the our Guru.

There will be no darkness in the your life when there is a master or a Guru in the your life! Happy Guru Purnima!

To the world, you may be just a teacher but to the  your students, you are a hero! May God’s blessings always are a  shower upon you. Happy a Guru Purnima!

Blessed is the one who has been  a Guru in his life. Happy Guru Purnima!

It is a beautiful journey where the Guru leads you from the darkness to the light, from the outer to the inner, and from the tears to joy! Thanks for the  being my Guru. Happy a Guru Purnima.

May our Guru keep a showering us with His a blessings! Happy Guru Purnima to the all!

Guru Purnima ke avsar par, Guru Dev ko shat and shat naman!

Your the guidance led me the right way. Thanks for the  making me who I am. I wish a you a Happy Guru Purnima Day.

Guru is our the teacher, friend, mentor, parent, and a everything! Happy Guru Purnima!

Life needs are a some power to the push you up, Guru is that a superpower. Happy a Guru Purnima!

Today is an a auspicious day to the pray and thank your the Guru for the everything. Wishing you a Happy Guru Purnima!

Guru hai to sab kuch hai! Guru Purnima ki shubhkamnayein!

We all should be a grateful to those who are a made us meet ourselves. Happy a Guru Purnima!

Follow the paths shown by the your Guru, and success will be  surely come to the  you. Happy Guru Purnima!

May Guru Ji’s divine love and a blessings be with the you always. Happy Guru Purnima!!

On the auspicious occasion of a Guru Purnima, I hope and a pray that I always get the  guided by you, and may you always are a shower me with your unconditional love. Happy Guru Purnima to you, Teacher.

कविता – 1.
गुरु होना कोई आसान नहीं
गुरु जैसा कोई महान नहीं
गुरु के बिना यह जीवन भी है अधूरा
गुरु  अगर  मिल जाए तो हो जाए हर मकसद पूरा
गुरु ने अपना सारा जीवन विद्या को सौंपा है
गुरु भगवान का दिया गया  एक अमूल्य तोहफा हैं
गुरु से ही सीखा है यह  दुनिया का चक्रव्यूह
गुरु की वजह से ही पास किए हैं यह सारे इंटरव्यू
गुरु से ही जीवन का सारा अर्थ है
गुरु की शिक्षा के बिना ये जीवन भी  अधूरा है
गुरु ही हे जो  शिष्य का हुनर उभारते हैं
गुरु ही हे हे जो  जो  हमारी गलतियों को सुधारते हैं
गुरु ही हे जो हमारे सच्चे मित्र हैं
गुरु बिना ये ज़िन्दगी बिना रंग के चित्र जेसी है
गुरु के पास है हमारी सारी उलझनों का हल
गुरु ने खिलाए हैं इन कीचड़ में भी कमल
गुरु  के बिना कोई धर्म नहीं गुरु से अच्छा कोई कर्म नहीं,
गुरु से ही हे हमारा समाज की एकता है
गुरु अपने सभी शिष्यों को एक ही नज़र से देखता है
गुरु है इस दुनिया के समंदर में हमारी भी नाव
जिन्होंने मद्द की हमें पार करने में ओर जीवन के हर पड़ाव
यूं ही अपना आशीर्वाद बनाए रखना
ताकि जीवन के किसी भी पड़ाव पे ना पड़े हमें भटकना।

Guru Purnima Poem in Hindi

कविता – 2.
हे गुरु मुझे ऐसा वर दो,
जीवन मेरा जगमग कर दो
जिस पथ पर मैंने कदम रखा
उस पथ को शूलहीन कर दो
मर्मज्ञ तुम्हारे कदम तले
सकल विश्व लघु लगता है
हे पंडित, ज्ञानी, प्रज्ञ, सुज्ञ
आचार्य तुम्हारी प्रभुता है
मैं तन की छाती चीर सकूं
मेरा शस्त्र ज्योतिर्मय कर दो
गतिशील मेरी तब नौका हो
जब तूफानों का मौका हो
गिरी तोड़ बढूं आगे पथ में
ध्वज राज करें हरदम रथ में
मैं नभ में स्यदंन चला सकूं
मेरे साहस को दुगुना कर दो
तुम सकल जगत की शक्ति हो
मेरे अंतस्थल की भक्ति हो
यदि भटक जाऊं नीज पथ से मैं
मेरे पथ को आलोकित कर दो।

Guru Purnima Poem in Hindi

कविता – 3.
माँ वो पहली गुरु हैं और सभी बड़े बुज़ुर्गों ने
कितना कुछ हमें सिखाया है
गुरु पूजनीय हैं
बढ़कर हैं गोविंद से
कबीर जी ने भी हमें सिखाया है
पशु पक्षी फूल काटे नदियाँ
हर कोई हमें सिखा रहा है
भारतीय संस्कृति का कण कण
युगों युगों से गुरु पूर्णिमा की
महिमा गा रहा है।

कविता – 4.
जानवर इंसान में जो भेद बताए,
वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाए
जीवन पथ पर जो चलना सिखाए,
वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाए
जो धेर्यता का पाठ पढ़ाए,
वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाए
संकट में जो हँसना सिखाए,
वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाए
पग-पग पर परछाई सा साथ निभाए,
वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाए
जिसे देख आदर से सर झुक जाए,
वही सच्चा गुरु कहलाए।

कविता – 5.
परम गुरु
दो तो ऐसी विनम्रता दो
कि अंतहीन सहानुभूति की वाणी बोल सकूँ
और यह अंतहीन सहानुभूति
पाखंड न लगे
दो तो ऐसा कलेजा दो
कि अपमान, महत्वाकांक्षा और भूख
की गाँठों में मरोड़े हुए
उन लोगों का माथा सहला सकूँ
और इसका डर न लगे
कि कोई हाथ ही काट खाएगा
दो तो ऐसी निरीहता दो
कि इसे दहाड़ते आतंक के बीच
फटकार कर सच बोल सकूँ
और इसकी चिन्ता न हो
कि इसे बहुमुखी युद्ध में
मेरे सच का इस्तेमाल
कौन अपने पक्ष में करेगा
यह भी न दो
तो इतना ही दो
कि बिना मरे चुप रह सकूँ।

Guru Purnima Poem in Hindi

कविता – 6
मां तुम प्रथम बनी गुरु मेरी
तुम बिन जीवन ही क्या होता
सूखा मरुथल, रात घनेरी
प्रथम निवाला हाथ तुम्हारे
पहली निंदिया छाँव तुम्हारे
पहला पग भी उंगली थामे
चला भूमि पर उसी सहारे
बिन मां के है सब जग सूना
जैसे गुरु बिन राह अंधेरी
जिह्वा पर भी प्रथम मंत्र का
उच्चारण तो मां ही होता
शिशु हो, युवा, वृद्ध हो चाहे
दुख में मां की सिसकी रोता
द्वार बंद हो जाएँ सारे
माँ के द्वार न होती देरी
मां की पूजा विधि विधान क्या
फूल न चंदन, मंत्र सरल सा
प्रेम पुष्प अँजुरी में भर कर
गुरु के चरणों अर्पित कर जा
आशीषों की वर्षा ऐसी
बजे गगन में मंगल भेरी
मां तुम प्रथम बनी गुरु मेरी।

कविता – 7.
जीवन के घोर अंधेरो में,
प्रकाश जो बन कर आता है
हर लेता है वो दुःख सारे,
खुशियों की फसल उगाता है
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।
न कोई लालच करता है,
सच्चाई का सबक सिखाता है
सागर से ज्ञान सा भरा हुआ,
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।
परेशानियाँ पस्त करे जब
हिम्मत हम हारते जाएं,
धूमिल सी हो परिस्थितियां
हालात हमें जब भटकाएं,
नई राह एक दिखा कर हमको
सभी संशय जो मिटाता है,
सागर से ज्ञान सा भरा हुआ
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।

कविता – 8.
शिष्य एक गुरु के हैं हम सब
एक पाठ पढ़ने वाले
एक फ़ौज के वीर सिपाही
एक साथ बढ़ने वाले
धनी निर्धनी ऊँच नीच का
हम में कोई भेद नहीं
एक साथ हम सदा रहे
तो हो सकता कुछ खेद नहीं
हर सहपाठी के दुःख को
हम अपना ही दुःख जानेंगे
हर सहपाठी को अपने से
सदा अधिक प्रिय मानेंगे
अगर एक पर पड़ी मुसीबत
दे देंगे सब मिल कर जान
सदा एक स्वर से सब भाई
गायेंगे स्वदेश का गान।

Guru Purnima Poem in Hindi

कविता – 9.
आदर्शों की मिसाल बनकर
बाल जीवन संवारता शिक्षक,
सदाबहार फूल -सा खिलकर
महकता और महकाता शिक्षक,
नित नए प्रेरक आयाम लेकर
हर पल भव्य बनता शिक्षक,
संचित ज्ञान का धन हमें देकर
खुशियाँ खूब मनाता शिक्षक,
पाप व लालच से डरने की
धर्मीय सीख सिखाता शिक्षक,
देश के लिए मर मिटने की
बलिदानी राह दिखता शिक्षक,
प्रकाशपुंज का आधार बनकर
कराव्या अपना निभाता शिक्षक,
प्रेम सरिता की बनकर धारा
नैया पार लगता शिक्षक !

कविता – 10.
अज्ञानी को ज्ञान वो दे
एक अलग नई पहचान वो दे
जब लगने लगे सब थक से गए
नई ऊर्जा और नई जान वो दे
जब साथ वो रहता है अपने
बुरा वक़्त पलटता जाता है
सागर से ज्ञान सा भरा हुआ
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है
शिष्य का नाम बढ़े जग में
उसका यही अरमान है
सबके हृदय में उसके लिए
इसलिए सम्मान है
कभी छोड़ न मझदार में वो
मरते दम तक साथ निभाता है
सागर से ज्ञान सा भरा हुआ
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।
नहीं अहंकार में कभी रहे
हर बात सदा ही सत्य कहे
उसके पावन उपदेशो में
अनुभव की सदा तरंग बहे
कोई आम शख्सियत नहीं है वो
हर देश का भाग्य विधाता है
सागर से ज्ञान सा भरा हुआ
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।
बस वही गुरु कहलाता है।

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