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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Mood Swings are May Signal Long a COVID Syndrome

Mood Swings are May Signal Long a COVID  Syndrome

 Long COVID or a post-COVID symptoms are the health conditions that are affect a people from  after a  recovery from the infections caused by the COVID-19 virus. However, post-recovery, the symptoms still the continue to the  impact their day-to-day life. Not being a  able to the perform routine activities can be have a serious impact on your mood.

Various studies have been  proved that a long COVID can be have a serious impact not just on your physical health but they are  also mental health. Many observed that their mood is a  getting a impacted after a recovering from the infections and they are finding it difficult to go back to  the their work or have  been a social life like  a before.

In a recent a study with the help of  the Electronic Health Records (EHR), it was found that within a 3 months after the recovering from the infections, the survivors are the  likely to the experience an increased risk of a  low mood and the depression.

In a large EHR study, experts have been  also a  noted  to the various changes in  the mood, which lead to the symptoms of the  long COVID conditions.

Signs and symptoms of  the low mood:

· Anger

· Sadness

· Frustration and anxiety disorder

· Getting panicky too often

· Worrying too much

· Hopelessness

· Low self-esteem

· Tiredness

The levels of the  mood  swing can be different for  the everybody. It usually goes away in a some days, but many also  are feel the problem for a couple of  the weeks. However, if the feeling does not improve even after  a weeks or so, then it can be a sign of the  depression.

So, to cope with the issue and be in a control of your emotional and the mental state, you need to the make some changes in your lifestyle and get the extra support from your family, friends or a even from the colleagues at work.

Simple lifestyle changes like a well-balanced diet, limiting your alcohol intake, quitting or  the controlling the urge to the  smoke, getting enough sleep, and  the daily physical exercise will be  go a long way in a  helping you during to  your recovery period.

And, if you are  a often  the experiencing depression and the facing difficulty in getting back on  the track, then you can be should visit to your doctor.

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