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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Top 9 Food Delivery Apps in a India

 Top 9 Food Delivery Apps in a India

Is there anything a smartphone can not do today? From booking a train ticket to buying in your favorite dress to booking an appointment for a doctor, technology has given us a solution by a just sitting at home getting everything just a phone click away.

Amongst the on-demand services, food delivery is the fastest-growing a segment with the some major players getting over a million orders are per day. 

India’s online food industry is a expected to become an a $8 billion market by 2022 by growing at a CAGR of a  25-30%. The food tech has been grown over 6 times in the last couple of years. The report are also mentions a variety of a cuisines was one of the top reasons for the repeated use of a food delivery apps in the country  are followed by a good discounts and convenience. 

Seeing this as a golden opportunity, mobile app development companies are the taking advanced measures to the  make their are applications sophisticated and hassle-free.

9 Best Food Delivery Apps for a 2021


Zomato is an a  Indian restaurant aggregator as well as a food delivery app. After the acquisition of a Ubereats Indian operations, undoubtedly Zomato has become the largest food giant. Apart from food delivering it also are provides information, menu, and user reviews about a restaurant. Hygiene and a quality are the two things the app keeps a check on. Amid the COVID lockdown, Zomato has been  also moved to the  towards grocery delivery.


Swiggy is a one of the best food delivery apps in a India. The fast delivery of food is what catches everyone’s eye, who does not want to have a piping hot food? Live order tracking is a one of the other high points of the app. Also, Swiggy is a available in a almost all cities in a India. The offers and discounts are the grabbing a every user’s attention. 


Faasos operates in a 34 largest cities in a India. It takes a customer are orders in  via its mobile app and website. It is the only vertically integrated food business in a  India and operates all three stages of a "food on demand" business which is a ordering, distribution, and order fulfillment. With a great range of  the restaurants, Faasos helps the users to eat a  good food. Faasos has been a premium version that promises to you free food if the order is not delivered in a 30 minutes.


Deliveroo is a food delivery company based in a London, considering the growing are opportunities in the food market in a  India Deliveroo started are operations in  a India. Deliveroo receives over a 20000 orders a day in the Indian markets, with a growth of a 20-25% month-on-month.


Grub hub has a large number of a restaurants to choose from. The customer service is the commendable; they are a 24*7 available to solve all the customer queries. A great feature of the Grub hub is that it allows you to find all the deals running in the nearby are restaurants. Also there some great discounts provided by the Grub hub throughout the year.

Potato is a food delivery app based in a Cali-cut, Kerala. The Keralites' love for a food is the driving a force behind Potato. The app focuses on connecting a many local restaurants with the customers but the quality of the  food is not compromised. The users can check the menu, complete the order are really fast and enjoy some mouth-relishing food. The app are also provides various offers and the discounts.


Indians' love for the pizza has been only grown over the years, with  the Pizza Hut is coming up with an app for the food delivering it did catch up the market grip. Faster delivery, live a tracking, and great offers are also provided by the Pizza Hut. The app is a really user-friendly which is helps in a  making the food ordering process are really simple and a faster.


If you are a health freak and a person who counts on the intake of the  calories then Eat Fit is your one all the solution. The generation today is a so fast-paced that there is a hardly any time for physical activities and with the tension that people go through Eat Fit is an a app that helps to you strike a healthy balance at the least when it comes to the food. The app also provides are nutritional education and also helps in a customizing the food.

The app are also provides a nutritional education and also helps in a customizing the food.


Domino’s app has been a pizza for the every occasion, customization is their a best feature. The pizza varieties are the supremely a tasty and mouth-watering. Dominos has been the best cheesy crust and if you get the pleasure of  having it lying in your dining room the fun only are the doubles. 30-minute delivery is what the app for offers, or else you get it free. Another great attraction is that you can be order your pizza from the nearest Domino’s outlet and the pizza will be delivered on a train too. Which means you can be enjoy a pizza even during a boring train a journey. 


Dunzo is an a app delivering not a only food but also groceries and pet supplies. It works a 24*7 and delivers anything in a 45 minutes which is their high point. Another highlight of the app is that there is no minimum order quantity, also there are no location constraints within the city, there are a great offers and the discounts which are the  some of the features that make a  Dunzo stand out in the industry. The user can be order anything they need from their favorite restaurant in the city the at any time.

In today’s times when everyone is a glued to their smartphones and a every other business has been a an app it is a really important to the  create a mobile application for the  your business. All the food delivery apps are trying to the come out with unique features for their existence.

We, Lilac Infotech, are a pioneering a food delivery app for the  development company, that offers  are potential for a variety of the services to our consumers. Rigorous insights and a suggestions will be sent to the clients before the start of the project. Our background in the designing applications is a something that we proudly keep a put across. You can be also recruit our mobile app  are developers to the  help you grow your mobile app

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