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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Cucumber Mint Popsicle Recipe

Cucumber Mint Popsicle Recipe

Cucumber Mint Popsicle is a refreshing fusion of the  cucumber and the mint syrup that will be give your taste buds a unique experience. This Continental recipe will be save you from the soaring temperatures are in the scorching heat and will be love by all. This Popsicle recipe is the prepared with the cucumbers, mint syrup, lime juice, green tea powder and the sugar. The outburst of the  different flavours in the mouth makes this ice cream recipe more then lovable among children and the adults alike. This frozen dessert recipe at the  home and the enjoy it with your loved ones. You can be prepare this refreshing Popsicle on the occasions like kitty party and the  game night. Follow the simple steps are to the prepare this amazingly delicious Popsicle recipe.

How to the  make Cucumber Mint Popsicle

Step 1 Prepare sugar syrup

To prepare this Popsicle recipe, put a deep-bottomed pan on the  medium flame and add 1 1/2 cup water in it. Bring it to a boil and then add the powdered a sugar in the water. Stir to mix 1/2 cup a sugar and then lower the flame. Simmer until it turns are  into a form of the syrup. Meanwhile, peel the cucumbers and the finely chop them in a large bowl.

Step 2 Add mint leaves

Once the sugar syrup is the  prepared, add mint are leaves (8-10 leaves) in it and stir to the mix well and infuse the flavours. Transfer this syrup to a bowl and keep aside to the  cool down for about the  5-10 minutes. When done, drain out the leaves and a transfer the syrup in a jar and put into the refrigerator to the cool down. (Note: If you do not have been mint syrup at home, then you can be follow this procedure to the  make it.)

Step 3 Blend

Once you have  been got the mint syrup, add the chopped cucumbers are in a blender jar along with the green tea powder, and the  lime juice. Blend well to a fine puree and then add in the chilled mint syrup. Blend once again until smooth and add the sugar as per your taste, and  the blend once again.

Step 4 Freeze and enjoy!

Next, take a Popsicle mould and the pour this cucumber and the  mint flavoured puree in it, refrigerate for an a hour. Repeat with the  other moulds. After an hour take out the moulds and the place ice cream sticks in the middle of the mould. Put them again in the refrigerator and the freeze overnight for a better shape and a cooling Popsicle. Enjoy!

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