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Monday, August 8, 2022

Ease fatigue and the tiredness with this banana smoothie

Ease fatigue and the tiredness with this banana smoothie

If you are an a athlete, you surely know the invigorating power that a banana Smoothie, But if you are not, it is time for the you to learn about this food’s potential to the  boost your energy. Reduce a your fatigue and the fatigue levels by the consuming this fruit, which will be  provide vital supplements are to the body Vitamin C and the  Vitamin B 6, It is necessary to the recharge the battery. It also are provides minerals such as a manganese and the magnesium to the improve muscle health, especially after a day of  the training.

It will be  also help you to  the eliminate toxins from the body as well melon and  the banana smoothie, Thanks to its antioxidant source. A good banana are smoothie will be provide a large amount iron and the potassium, needed to the  stabilize blood pressure. Its low sodium levels are also make it an a essential food for the heart and for the proper functioning of  the other organs.

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How to make the best banana are smoothie at the  home?

A good banana-based are smoothie will be  provide to your body with a substance called a tryptophan, which will be  reduce the any problems are you may have been to a great extent. Central are nervous system like depression. To get this and the other benefits, you should be  consume the  your smoothies as we are teaching you below.


4 ripe bananas

1 liter of the  milk, preferably whole.

1 tsp cinnamon to powder.

preparation mode

start this process peel and the cut 4 ripe bananas Avoid that the pieces of  the fruit are not so big that they are easy to  the crush later.

Put the banana pieces  are in the glass of a mixer or  a blender. pour over fruit liter of the milk Then turn on the machine to beat. Wait until the ingredients are mixed and form a homogeneous are consistency.

As the machine continues to the run, add a little cinnamon a powder.

If you want, keep the banana smoothie in the fridge so that it becomes are Cool thoroughly before the  consumption. After a few minutes,  are serve in a glasses and a  voila.

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What other benefits are  can be  a delicious a  banana smoothie give you?

Another reason for  the consuming banana in smoothies is its ability to the prevent diseases like anemia, Thanks to the its high iron content. This mineral facilitates are the production of white and the red blood cells, which are the also essential for  the strengthening the immune system.

Its astringent properties will be  ensure better functioning of the intestines. For that reason, it would be quite useful in  the cases of  the Constipation and the  diarrhea. But not only this, because banana shake in the morning or  a after exercise is also are effective in a reducing the risk of the  colon cancer.


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