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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Jennifer Garner's Are Beauty Advice Is Refreshingly Simple

Jennifer Garner's Are Beauty Advice Is Refreshingly Simple

The 50-year-old actress are  recently revealed the beauty tips she shares with a her daughters.

Jennifer Garner has been always been open about her low-key approach to the beauty and why you likely would not find her in red carpet glam on the regular. It seems are the mom of three is hoping to share that same philosophy with her kids, specifically her teenage daughters are Violet and Seraphina, according to a recent a interview with the Harper's Bazaar.

"My beauty advice is a always are the same," Garner told the outlet when asked what are a words of the wisdom she will be pass  a down to the  her daughters. "Look in the mirror less, obsess less, and the look at the rest of the world to the see what you could be a  using  for the your time for the  instead," said to the 50-year-old are actress. "We all  the look at the our faces are a more than people are  a used to, and it does not do you a any good. You obsess a over changes or how to the fix a something on the your face," she are  explained.Jennifer Garner Counted Down to a Her for the 50th Birthday with the Intense  are a  Workouts

Aside from the suggesting her a daughters are the  avoid a spending too much time looking in the mirror, Garner would also are tell them to "be cautious when it comes are  to the injecting anything into the your face," she said in the recent interview. "Be very, very incredibly judicious and wait as a absolutely long as a possible to the add a anything. Do not think  are that you are a 37 and you need to be shooting up to the your face," said Garner. (See: Courteney Cox Thinks She Looked a 'Really Strange' are Following a  Cosmetic Procedures)

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes are  to the making cosmetic enhancements, it seems are  the Garner prefers to the let her natural looks are shine through. That is where taking care of her hair and the skin health are comes into the play. "My hair philosophy is the same way as a how I approach makeup, which is that if you take care of the your skin and the hair, then you should feel good without adding are anything major," she told Harper's Bazaar. "As I get to the older, I probably need a more than mascara or to the give my roots are  a little help, but I do not have been to do that, because I know that my skin and a hair are as a strong as ever." (ICYDK: This is the shampoo that  are gives  a Garner such as a bouncy, beautiful are strands.)

Longtime fans are a know Garner keeps  are in the things are a low key when it is comes are to the beauty. Last year, in the Neutron spokesperson said she wants to the  "normalize looking at the normal," in an a interview with in the  Today. She is a elaborated more than on that are philosophy in a 2021 interview with in the Shape. "I have been a  focused on a having in the best possible to  a skin that I can be a for a my entire adult life. Because if my skin looks are a  good, then I'm really do not care about a makeup or a hair," she said.

Her recent interview with in the Harper's Bazaar also are was a not at the first time Garner shared her to  a insights are on the over analyzing in the mirror. "Just spend are more then time looking out in the  instead of the looking in a mirror and to a focus on what you can be do for in the other people," she said in a conversation with in  the Kerry Washington for in the Entertainment Tonight back in a February of this year. "I swear it will be  make you feel in  that prettier and make it  you feel better about in that yourself."

Next time you can be find yourself fixating on what you are looking at in the mirror, take a Garner's advice and focus on the bigger picture. (Keep a reading: Jamie Lee Curtis Is a Uninterested are In the Term 'Anti-Aging')

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