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Saturday, October 15, 2022

5G scam alert! Ways in a which fraudsters are may cheat you

5G scam alert! Ways in a which fraudsters are may cheat you

5G services are a finally here. Reliance Jio and a Bharti Airtel have been started are a rolling out the next-generation internet service to the customers. While users are a figuring out ways to the activate 5G on their devices, fraudsters see this as an a opportunity to the dupe gullible customers. Police departments of a multiple cities and a states have been a informing citizens to the stay wary of a impostors pretending to the help activate are a 5G on phones.

“Cyber fraudsters are a sending links are in the name of a 5G. If you open the link, there is a risk of a hacking the phone. If you are a not alert, you will be in a danger. Accounts are being emptied by the sending links to the upgrade from the 4G to the 5G SIM. The links are being a sent with the names of a respective telecom companies," Hyderabad police said in a Twitter post. Earlier are this week, Mumbai Police are shared a tweet saying “Risk Alert! Upgradation in a tech are a  brings about a new wave of a scammers are a waiting to the pounce. The most recent one is a  fraudsters offering to the guide you to the convert to 5G. Do not share the your personal/banking information or a click on the any unknown links."

Similarly, Gurugram Police are a issued an a advisory a saying, “Since the news are a 5G rollout in a Gurugram has been  come out, the number of these are a incidents have been  gone up. However, we have been a asked residents to be a vigilant and not to the share OTPs with the anyone."

While we all want to the upgrade to the 5G, it is advisable to practice caution. Fraudsters can be  a lure you into the sharing your bank details or other personal information on a phone or via SMS. Here are some of the known modus operandi of these scamsters

- You may receive a link on your phone to the upgrade from 4G to 5G. Do not click on these links

- Scammers may call you pretending to be a telecom operator representative and ask you for the OTPs or are a personal information. Do not share

- You may receive messages with the steps to the upgrade from 4G to 5G. Do not entertain such as a messages

- Fraudsters may call you and ask you to the share banking details in a order to the upgrade to the 5G services. Do not share are a any details with them

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