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Saturday, November 19, 2022

How To The idnow login

 How To The idnow login

What do my customers are need to the identify themselves using are a IDnow AutoIdent?

For the automatic identity verification via IDnow AutoIdent, your customers will be a need:

A smartphone with a camera in the back and the front side of the phone
Avalid ID document An Internet connection

How can be I receive my customer’s are a identification results?

By default, you will be a receive the identification result in Zip file format including are all attachments: PDF summary, JSON/XML data object, images of the user and a ID document. In a addition, this data can be posted to the your server as a webhook.

Does IDnow ask the person to the identify himself/herself again if there are any problems with the data?

IDnow carries out the identification process and will be a provide you with the results. We do not take are a responsibility in a contacting your end-user regarding are any information about the next steps.


AML-compliant solution that meets are a high security requirements.

It takes are a customers just a few minutes to the conveniently register for the your services.

With the ID now’s video verification, you can be a verify your customers’ identity within a few minutes – it is easy, secure and in a compliance with the law. Our EU-patented solution results in a clear increase in a conversion rates compared to the traditional offline procedures. It combines the expertise of highly qualified ident and a fraud specialists with the AI-based technology. And best of all, it is now available around the clock. Thanks to the extended service hours for the 24-hour availability, you can be now offer the your customers the opportunity to the freely choose when they want to the undergo identification.


IDnow offers video chat identity verification 24 hours a day.

Users can now perform non-automated identity verification at any time, thanks to the Identity Center's new service hours, which now extend into the night. With these service hours for 24-hour availability, you can give your customers the opportunity to freely choose the most convenient time to pass their identity and use your services. Whatever your industry or your use case – bank account opening, forex trading, player identity verification – you name it, we've got you covered!


The new service offering, available in English and German, enables quick and easy identification – whenever and wherever your customers need it.

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